Joy 7.5

Joy, based on a true story, is about Joy Mangano who is trying to hold her family together as she has an idea for a new mop known as the “miracle mop.” As she rediscovers her passion for inventing, she finds herself and creates a lasting, successful business

Jennifer Lawrence as Joy Mangano

Though the movie had its flaws, I don’t understand why it was panned by critics as much as it was. It was a solid, well acted movie. It was not quite as strong as David O. Russel’s last two critically-acclaimed films (Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle), but where the plot and directing lacked, the acting and characters supplemented. As demonstrated by her Golden Globe win today (Jan. 10), you can’t go wrong with Jennifer Lawrence in a lead. She can carry any movie with her charisma and raw power. In her third movie with David O. Russell, she was given the lead, and he couldn’t have chosen better.  Her ability to play a teen hero in the Hunger Games series while playing a 30-something-year-old mother in the movie Joy is unprecedented and only demonstrates her versatility as an actress.

Bradley Cooper in a minor role as a QVC producer

Besides Jennifer Lawrence, the cast was largely underutilized. Bradley Cooper had a relatively minor role, and no one else had a major screen grabbing moment like J Law. Something tells me this movie was  partially lost somewhere along the way, most likely in editing or writing. The film seemed choppy at times and someone must have either left out certain chunks when writing the film, or the film wasn’t spliced together the way it should have been. That aside, I would still recommend this movie if only to see another Jennifer Lawrence, David O. Russell collaboration.

Netflix: No

Rotten Tomato: 61%

IMDB: 6.7


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