Metropolis 9.1

Often credited as being the first real sci-fi movie, Metropolis is about a futuristic (from the 1920’s) city that is very divided between the workers, and the wealthy. Freder (Gustav Frölich) is shocked when he sees how the workers live and seeks to find a middle ground between the two. The movie was not appreciated in its time and the director (Fritz Lang) was forced to make some major cuts, which were only just found and restored.


I don’t remember why I watched this movie in the first place, but I love it. I have never seen so much character and emotion portrayed in a silent movie. The cinematography and set design was beautiful in its art deco style. Fritz Lang capturing the disparity within this city and the use of humans as machines. It also accurately reflects the brief period in Germany between both World Wars, with it’s unstable society on the verge of collapse (right before Hitler rose to power).


The acting was incredible as well. The actors accurately portrayed all kinds of emotions in a way that would be forgotten with “talkies” only a few years later (see M by Fritz Lang).

That being said, it takes something to force yourself to sit down and watch a 2:30 silent, German movie. If you are entirely invested though, I guarantee it is worth it!


Netflix: Yes

Rotten Tomatoes: 99%

IMDB: 8.3


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