Star Wars VII: Force Awakens 8.4

Ohmygodohmygodohmygod!!! I am not going to summarize Star Wars, there is too much to say, most of it you won’t want to know if you haven’t seen it.

I went with my family a few days after christmas just because we were trying to find something to do, and did not expect to have the reaction I did. As soon as those opening words came on screen…


I nearly cried. I am in a weird window where I am 18, but never really experienced the feeling of a new Star Wars coming out because I wasn’t into Star Wars when the prequels came out.

Watching this movie was truly amazing. The plot line was reminiscent of the original Star Wars in the way that the characters found each other and were thrown into a battle that they weren’t originally important. JJ Abrams had a difficult task going in, and exceeded my expectations.


The movie was well cast (props to the writers for having a female lead!) and well acted. The one weak link being Harrison Ford, who seemed to be dialing it in a little. This was, however, not very noticeable simply because of the excitement of having Han Solo back on screen!

George Lucas recently criticized the movie, saying it was not how he envisioned it, however I’m glad they didn’t take his input, and I can think of at least three solid examples why


Watch. This. Movie.

Netflix: No

Rotten Tomatoes: 93%

IMDB: 8.5


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