Interstellar 8.1

Probably one of the most talked about films besides Star Wars in recent years, Interstellar, set in the near future, follows Cooper (Matthew McCounaghey) as he searches for a planet for the human race to inhabit.


While I much appreciated the movie, I found it a slight let down to what everyone built it up to be. It seemed like Christopher Nolan got somewhat lost in the budget and scale of the movie (not quite to the scale of Aronofsky with Noah) and did not quite have the same power of writing as Inception or Memento. That being said, I don’t know why I’m being so harsh on this movie. I started off saying it was a 7.7, and have, over the course of this review, raised it to an 8.1. I was captivated, a cried (a little..) at the end, it was a truly epic movie.

The one major flaw I found in it was the concept of love being the thing that connects us through space and time. While it was cute, it completely took me out of the science and thought of all of it.


Netflix: No

Rotten Tomatoes: 71%

IMDB: 8.6


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